headshot-1-2016I became interested working around sexuality because I’ve learned that creating a healthy relationship to sexuality and intimacy is part of mental, physical, and emotional health.  

Additionally, I lived and studied in Paris and that’s where I discovered and learned to treasure daily sensuality and the pleasures to be found in integrating the body and mind. 

I bring to my work over 6 years of experience as a sex-educator, providing workshops for some of the most well-known adult stores in Los Angeles including the Pleasure Chest, Babeland and the Love Boutique.  I became a highly skilled facilitator and teacher, helping partners and individuals enjoy a higher standard of safety, communication, and pleasure in their sexual lives.

Inspired by my work as a sex educator, I felt compelled to do more to assist people in developing vibrant and healthy relationships with their sexuality and decided to get my Master’s in Clinical Psychology.  As a sex-positive counselor, I have strong connections to the kink, polyamory, and sex-education communities in Los Angeles.  When I’m not advocating for the importance of sexual wellness, I’m seeing what’s new at education-based sex stores, spending time with my cats, watching the great works of Golden Age Hollywood film, or lost in19th Century literature.